3 CBD Product Trends You Can Expect To See in 2021

Thanks to progressive laws and a diminished stigma, CBD has become one of the most popular holistic health buzzwords. As research continues to uncover the many benefits of cannabidiol, consumers can expect to see an increase in the quantity and quality of CBD products over the course of the new year.

1. Topicals and Tinctures

Topical CBD has been popular for years, but developments in its application may rejuvenate the tried-and-true products. Transdermal topicals, for example, are more effective than traditional topicals due to their ability to travel through each layer of skin and permeate the bloodstream.

2. Cosmetics

The beauty industry is more explosive than ever, with makeup and skincare lines dominating popular culture. It should be no surprise, therefore, that CBD-based cosmetics have entered the market and are finding success amongst those seeking cosmetics with soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits.

3. Drinks

Like topicals, CBD-infused drinks have long been popular, but their range is now vast enough that experts expect them to become household staples. This could present a challenge for the dominant drinks in the industry since CBD drinks provide a healthy alternative to sodas and alcoholic beverages.

As CBD gains popularity amongst health-conscious consumers, expect to see these CBD product trends for 2021, marking a new era for the hemp industry.