3 Questions to Ask Your Truck Insurer

Commercial truck insurance polices aren’t on-size-fits-all, so you need to do your research. Taking a proactive approach to your cargo and liability insurance can ensure that the insurance meets your needs and covers your risks. Be prepared to ask questions to get the policies that fit your needs.

1. How much insurance do I need?

The USDOT may require a certain amount, but you may want to boost that coverage. Trucks can cause a lot of damage when they hit something. Even if the accident isn’t the driver’s fault, you could still be sued. You should also make sure you have enough coverage for your cargo. Many times, low limits won’t completely cover the load.

2. How quickly can you change the policy?

If you need special coverage for a specific load, you may not have a lot of time to get the insurance in place. Your insurance agent needs to be able to make changes to your insurance on your schedule, not theirs.

3. What affects my premiums?

Knowing what factors affect your premium can help you manage your insurance budget more effectively. If your agent isn’t willing to discuss your premiums, then it might be time to take to another company. Your cargo and liability insurance shouldn’t break your bank, but it does need to cover your risks. You want peace of mind with your policy.