3 Types of Insurance Needed by All Solar Energy Contractors

Solar energy contractors face significant risks when performing their work. Employees can easily be injured while using scaffolding or traversing roofs. Moreover, even though most contractors exercise caution during installation, third party property damage and injuries can also occur. These incidents can lead to costly lawsuits which can result in bankruptcy. Investing in insurance coverage to mitigate these risks is essential.

General Liability

As solar energy professionals often perform installations in buildings that are already occupied, the risk for third party property damage or bodily injury is high. General liability insurance covers settlements, judgments and legal fees if a suit is brought against a contractor.

Workers’ Compensation

Laws regarding workers compensation insurance vary by state. Given the dangers faced by solar panel installers, however, the energy contractor insurance toolkit should always include workers compensation to pay for any injuries sustained by employees on the job.

Professional Liability

Solar energy contractors offer an important service to their clients. Professional liability policies protect them from claims of errors or omissions in the design, advice or engineering work they provide for their customers.

The job of installing solar energy systems comes with many liabilities. Lawsuits can cause irreparable financial damage to businesses carrying out these services.  An insurance expert can ensure that they are protected against any eventuality.