How to Plan a Water Well System for Your Home

Water is an important resource essential for life. Not every home is built near a municipal water supply making a well an attractive option. Beyond using a company with groundwater insurance, this plan can help you plan your system.


It is important to know where you plan to put your water well. If you have a septic system, you don’t want your water well within 50 feet of the tank or 200 feet of a cesspool. You want to keep it away from roadways and your property boundary. If there is a landfill nearby, you want to keep it away from there as well. This helps prevent contamination.


How much water do you need to have enough? You need to consider having enough for fire protection, everyday use, special uses such as animals and seasonal uses. Once you know what you plan to use the water for, you need to determine the size of the well, how much water you need standing in the bottom and the continuous flow rate of the water.


As referenced on, groundwater insurance plans provide coverage for a variety of contaminants, crimes, damage, and drilling. Choose a company that has insurance in case something doesn’t go well.

Water is vital and you need a plan that ensures you have enough for your home. A company with groundwater insurance offers protections should mistakes happen during the process.

Offering Group Dental Coverage to Win Over Job Candidates

Your employee benefits program is a large determining factor in a candidate’s decision to accept a job offer. From paid medical leave to flexible working hours, each aspect of your benefits program should be carefully designed if you want to win over more job candidates. To stay competitive in the job market, it’s crucial to include group dental insurance in your employee benefits program.

Better Reputation

Offering group dental coverage doesn’t only give you happier employees. Because this type of insurance is so widely coveted, including it in your benefits program can also help to boost your company’s reputation. Research found on indicates that the majority of prospective employees expect to be offered reliable dental insurance. By meeting these expectations, you can help others view your company in a positive light.

Healthier Employees

A lack of proper dental hygiene can lead to a host of other health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. By promising dental insurance to your employees, you help to foster an environment that supports the health and well-being of each worker. Additionally, when your employees are in good health, they can do their jobs more effectively and make a meaningful contribution to your company.

To attract more employees and increase your company’s reputation, consider providing workers with group dental insurance. You can benefit from a happier and more vibrant workplace with this reliable form of coverage.

Skip the Captive Agent Routine

Skip the Captive Agent Routine

When you are shopping around for an insurance policy, there will be a lot of companies and agents to choose from. You might get bogged down comparing the pros and cons of the different companies before you even get around looking at the actual coverage you need. Rather than lose time trying to understand big commercial insurance companies, take a look at a list of independent insurance agents and see how beneficial working with one of them will be. You can find a list like this at

Reasons for Choosing Independent

Generally speaking, there are four primary types of insurance needs.

  1. Auto
  2. Property
  3. Health
  4. Commercial

You will first want to choose an agent that has the experience and ability to offer coverage in the area you are seeking. While some property and auto agents may be able to offer similar commercial policies, you will have better results and prices when you limit your choice to a broker with specialty areas of focus. An independent agent is able to shop for different rates from several different companies all at the same time. By doing so, it not only saves you time, but it also shows you where you can get the best rate. Captive agents, or those who work for one company, are restricted to their company`s policies and prices. Independent agents give you unbiased advice while finding you the best rate.

How To Run a Successful Live Music Venue

If you’re passionate about music, running your own live music venue may seem like the perfect way to immerse yourself in what you love. While doing so can be a rewarding experience, you should also keep in mind that you need to put in a lot of time and effort before you can observe the results you want. Here are some tips for running a successful live music venue.

Enforce the Rules

To keep everything in order at your venue, you need to establish a clear set of rules and enforce them. As discussed on, these are some of the key questions you should ask yourself when establishing rules:

  • Are there age restrictions?
  • What is the legal capacity?
  • What are your staffing needs?
  • Will alcohol be served?

Keeping music venue requirements in mind can guide you towards making the best decisions for your venue.

Have the Right Protection

One of the most important things to think about when managing your live venue is whether you’re properly insured. Having the right coverage allows you to be protected in any unanticipated situation. Make sure that you look into premises liability and events and business insurance to determine which type of coverage is right for you.

With the help of these tips, you can boost the success of your live music venue and ensure that you’re properly protected.

Builders Insurance 101

In the construction industry, you have to be careful. There are hazards that other industries do not have to deal with. Here is what you need to know about builders’ risk insurance and contractor’s general liability insurance. Builders and contractors need specific insurance solutions for the circumstances that they work in.

What Is Builders Risk Insurance?

When you work in the construction industry, there are insurance policies that will protect you. If you visit, it explains how builders risk insurance covers the contractor’s materials, property, and equipment. This coverage may help in the cases of:
It’s important to check your policy in advance to find out what is covered.

What Is Contractors General Liability?

The negligence for the builder’s risk falls under general liability insurance. These policies protect against accidents and any liability that you may have due to accidents. If you’re in the construction industry, then odds are you need general liability insurance for construction workers. In the construction industry, you are more likely to have risks of:
Contractor injuries
Property damage
This makes your need for insurance coverage crucial. It is particularly important to have specialized coverages.
When you work in the construction industry, there are inherent risks that you will not find in other industries. This is why it’s crucial to have coverages that take builders’ risk into account.

Turnkey Marketing Solutions for Insurance Carriers

Have you thought about how you’re going to grow your commercial insurance client base in the next five years? What about the next ten? The industry is getting more competitive as working across national borders becomes easier and more companies become global, so a clear strategy for attracting and developing clients will be a key survival trait for companies over the next decade. Luckily, marketing providers like have options designed to help insurance companies in all commercial niches grow.

MGAs and Wholesaler Marketing

Turnkey marketing services are the key to achieving ROI quickly and without huge investments in infrastructure, and the right telemarketing program using a list of known industry players with clear insurance needs can be a great tool when you’re using those services. Access to these lists of potential clients can help you profile the current players in an industry, and they can also give you some extra intelligence on the ones you’re working with if you haven’t had a relationship long.
The biggest reason for working with a provider to access these lists and build marketing programs? Since they’re commercial entities, they’re going to need insurance to operate, and they’re going to be interested in anyone who can help their bottom line. Get your marketing into gear today, and develop the plan you need to be growing consistently for years to come.

Creating a Successful Business Plan for Your Bar

If you are considering opening your own bar, you may be on the road to owning a successful business. As long as there are patrons looking to unwind, socialize, recharge and of course enjoy some tasty libations, then there will continue to be a demand for these types of establishments. However, like all businesses, success is easier to achieve when it is built on a solid business plan that addresses some important key factors.

Looking at All Angles

To get started off right, it can be helpful to bear in mind bar, pub & tavern business tips that have helped to propel similar businesses in the right direction. While the quality of menu offerings will likely be one of the biggest selling points that need to be prioritized, so much more must be accounted for behind the scenes. For example, the following are just some factors that the experts at RMS Hospitality Group advise their clients to consider:

Criminal activity that may occur on the property
How to recover from incidents of violence
Licensing for food and liquor
Injuries that may occur on the premises

When business owners take the time to be proactive and make the effort to be intuitive about the needs of their business, it can set the stage for future and ongoing success.

Having Proper Coverage for Home Healthcare Agencies

Home healthcare agencies that provide services to individuals within their home need to have home healthcare insurance. Here are a few reasons why this keeps both the workers and the individuals who use the services safely.

Home Healthcare Coverage Protects Workers

Workers who visit client homes to provide services could run into an incident that causes them injury. By having home health insurance, the company can provide worker’s compensation to the home healthcare worker. This can save the company money rather than paying out of pocket, according to

The Right Coverage Keeps the Agency From Losing Money

A home healthcare agency could get sued by a family if a worker is being accused of abuse or some other problem. Not having insurance coverage means the agency would have to pay out of pocket, and depending on how much the lawsuit is for, this could cost a lot of money. Having coverage offers a form of protection and can keep the agency in the business, rather than being forced to shut down.
Home healthcare insurance is important for any company that specializes in helping clients in their homes. It can protect the company against loss of money related to worker’s compensation and can help the company stay protected financially if someone tries to sue them.

The Coverage You Need in the Dry Cleaning Industry

If you work in the dry cleaning industry, you need to ensure that you are well prepared for any problems that may arise during your career. Having the right insurance is crucial to the satisfaction of your customers and the success of your business. To determine which types of coverage you need as a dry cleaning business owner, read the following tips.

Business Property Insurance

Business property insurance covers the various types of equipment in your business. These may include:

Commercial washers & dryers
Garment coverings

Property insurance can pay for repairing or replacing any items that have been damaged. Whether your business is impacted by a fire or a flood, it’s vital to have the resulting costs covered in order to keep everything running smoothly.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers many different types of risks. It can pay for the resulting damage associated with accidents that take place on your property, as well as any harm or injury that may be caused by the services or products you provide. This type of coverage is included in linen supply insurance, as described on

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

No matter what type of dry cleaning business you own, having equipment breakdown coverage is a must. If you can’t cover the costs of damaged equipment, your entire business is at risk. Be sure to look into the equipment breakdown insurance that meets your needs.

Compliance With the CCL Regulations

For larger ships and tankers carrying more than 2,000 tons of oil as a part of their cargo, the Convention on Civil Liberty for Oil Pollution established regulations requiring liability insurance. Taking this restriction one step further, the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage requires any boating vessel over 1,000 gross tons to carry a civil liability certificate whenever they move into open waters. This is a compulsory insurance requirement that ensures shipowners are held responsible for any oil pollution that occurs from their oil bunker. Bunker damage and leaks occur more frequently than pollution from oil tankers.

Prior Challenges

The requirements for insurance were fueled by prior challenges associated with demanding responsibility for cleaning pollution damage in international waters. Some of the issues included:

Flag states that did not enforce a judgment
No inherent right to pursue a legal claim in the state where the spill happened
Legal costs
Lack of sufficient insurance coverage by the shipowner

The responsibility of keeping the oceans and waterways free from pollutants is the responsibility of every ship owner, operator, and manager. Although the insurance and certificate of coverage are required, check with your policyholder on the extent of the financial assistance the policy provides. At a minimum, the experts at recommend coverage amounts that equal or exceeds the limits of the liability established by the ruling authority.