Protections for Office Suppliers

For offices to function, they must turn to special businesses that provide the many services and supplies to keep things running. These businesses may be responsible for transporting large quantities of products, office gadgets or providing the services that allow these offices to stay connected with their clients. This must all be done while ensuring employee and customer needs are met. In a specialized business such as office products suppliers, there is no need to just settle for any general business insurance agency to provide protections. With business-specific coverage offered by reputable agencies, it’s possible to find a plan better suited for these unique needs.

Unique Needs

Office product suppliers require a special set of protections needed while on the job. While they may require many of the basic coverages that all businesses should have, they also have a different combination of needs that need to be met. An insurance agency that specializes in this field may cater to the following types of businesses:

  • Stationery and office supplies sales
  • Paper products dealers
  • Installation of telecommunication equipment
  • Installers and dealers of computer systems
  • Dealers of office machines and furniture

Speaking to a representative of an insurance agency that specializes in coverage for office product suppliers and similar businesses is the first step to ensuring that the right support is received. Whether it’s business insurance, workers compensation or access to information regarding safety and human resources, these agencies can help.

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Employee Liability Coverage

Workers compensation policies are constantly undergoing scrutiny, as state regulations continually change. The risks associated with each industry will vary, but state regulation ensures the basics are addressed concerning employee compensation and benefits in the event of an accident. Florida workers compensation law requires companies with four or more employees to offer full-time employees coverage under a compensation plan.

Although a company may do its best to establish an accident-free working environment, there are too many risks to comprehensively address each possibility. A vigilant company will take the responsibilities of protecting the employee and business seriously, establishing risk management and safety precautions. Other companies ignore the liabilities of their environment, exposing workers to conditions that could lead to slips and falls, toxin exposure, chemical burns or equipment injuries.

Given the requirements of Florida workers’ compensation laws, legal counsel is often sought after following an accident. Usually, a workers’ compensation policy will provide financial assistance to a company for legal fees. These do not extend to the employee, but as legal issues may arise, these ensure that a company is compliant with both OSHA and compensation regulations.

Although your business may be simply looking for coverage at affordable rates, be sure the compensation policy is effective at reducing and protecting employee safety concerns, but also in agreement with state or federal requirements.

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Used Car Dealer Coverage Packages: What to Expect

As a used car dealer, you move a lot of vehicles every day. With transportation, there are always risks. Accidents can happen and they can damage your property or injure your employees. These are risks that you don’t want to ignore, in hopes that nothing ever happens. Meet these risks with used car dealer insurance, to guarantee that your assets are safe.

Types of Coverages

As with any form of insurance, used car dealers may sift through several different packages. The purpose is that no two dealers have the exact same needs. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of highlights that all used car dealers can benefit from, however.
In fact, here are some of those highlights:

  • Physical damage coverage
  • Garage liability coverage
  • Garagekeepers coverage
  • General liability coverage
  • Errors and omissions coverage

These, of course, are only a few of the different types of coverage you may qualified for.

Types of People Insured

When you have used car dealer insurance, you and your assets are not the only ones that are insured. Your employees are and your customers are too. There are a lot of people who engage with your vehicles and your business. Insuring everyone protects not only them, but you.

With the special struggles of used car salesmen, it’s important to have coverage that fits your business.

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How to Insure Your Janitorial Business

Cleaning professionals offer a valuable service to businesses and homeowners alike. Both with that service comes inherent risks to the owner of the cleaning business. Janitorial insurance offers protection for the company and its employees. Choosing the necessary coverage doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are some things to know about insuring your cleaning business.

Industry Risks

Assessing the risks to your business can help you prioritize the type of coverage you need. In addition to your own business’ assets, the property of the client in your care should also be considered in case of accident or damage. Employees might be subjected to slick surfaces, toxic chemicals, repetitive motion injuries, toxic materials and late nights. Small accidents can lead to large financial losses.

Policy Options

Most cleaning services need more than one insurance policy to cover all liabilities and risks inherent with the job. Some policy options to consider in your search include:

  • Excess Liability / Umbrella Liability Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • Business Owner’s Policy / Property Insurance

Factor in the amount for the deductible, premiums and covered services into your decision. A qualified agent can help you navigate the costs and coverage specifics of janitorial insurance. Save yourself financial loss and hardship with comprehensive insurance coverage.

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Why You Need Renters Insurance

It took a lot of time and money to accumulate your belongings. The last thing you want is for someone to come in and violate your living space, trashing it and taking your precious items with them. The various items in your rental house or apartment represent who you are. Don’t wait until something bad happens before investing in some renters insurance in Delaware.

Landlord Responsibilities

While you might think that your landlords insurance covers your belongings, it usually doesn’t. Their insurance typically covers common use areas and the building itself. So, they should have fire coverage for the building itself. But that doesn’t necessarily cover your bedding, video games, computers, furniture and other belongings you have within the home or apartment.

Insurance Coverage

Renters insurance protects your investment and can save you thousands of dollars. Types of coverage you should expect include:

  • Personal injury liability if someone is injured on the premises
  • Replacement of your personal property
  • Coverage for defense costs if sued
  • Personal property liability for damage to others property occurs on the premises

Without renters insurance in Delaware, you could be liable to replace all of your belongings yourself. The cost could run into thousands of dollars. Save yourself money, time and headaches by finding the right insurance now.

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Expand Your Auto Liability Insurance Options

Looking for an automobile liability policy that checks all the boxes and offers competitive pricing? Contact an auto liability insurance broker and let a professional do the shopping for you.

Agent Versus Broker

An insurance agent is typically employed by one or two insurance providers and is paid to promote company products. An insurance broker, on the other hand, works for the client and operates as an intermediary between insurance providers and insurance buyers.

The Process

A broker consults with a client and pinpoints specific needs and price points. By submitting completed applications to several companies, the broker obtains written quotes that are passed onto the client. The customer then selects an insurer after comparing the quotes.

A binder that guarantees coverage, usually for 30-60 days, is signed by a representative of the insurance provider and is issued to the client. A policy replaces the binder once the premium is paid.

The Bottom Line

A quality auto liability policy provides competitive pricing as well as ample coverage for bodily injury and property damage if you are found to be at fault in the event of an accident. Why run the risk of paying more for a policy that may not be a good fit for you? Consider all the options and consult with an auto liability insurance broker.

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Protect Your Company’s Interests with Vehicle Liability Coverage

A vehicle that is driven during the course of business is a potential target of a lawsuit should an accident occur. With juries awarding millions of dollars in liability damages each year, it is essential that companies protect themselves against potentially disastrous claims by investing in business automobile liability insurance.

What Constitutes a “Business Automobile?”

Any automobile utilized for business purposes is eligible for protection under a business automobile insurance policy. This coverage extends to the following vehicles when driven during the course of doing business: company-owned cars, company-leased cars, employee-owned cars, employee-leased cars and rental vehicles.
It is particularly important to extend coverage to individuals using their own vehicles for business purposes. In the event of a serious accident, it is possible that the individual may not carry enough liability insurance to completely protect the business.

What Does It Cover?

Most business automobile policies provide comprehensive coverage in four main areas:

  • Business Vehicle Damage: Damage to automobile caused by a collision or other type of incident
  • Business Automobile Liability: Injury or property damage caused by a vehicle accident
  • Medical Payments: Coverage for injuries suffered by passengers in a “no-fault “accident
  • Uninsured Driver: Coverage for injuries suffered by you or you passengers from a collision with an uninsured driver

Don’t risk your company’s financial security. Invest in a business automobile liability insurance policy today.

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Why You Should Get Liability Insurance for Your Dog

When people think about bringing a dog into their family they are often excited about the prospects of having an adorable, loyal companion with which they can play, pet or simply spend time. However, with dog ownership comes plenty of financial responsibilities, and many them result from costly unforeseen circumstances, with dog bites making up a considerable percentage. This is why getting dog liability insurance is a wise investment that can help keep you covered in a variety of scenarios which you might not even consider.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

When a canine companion has shown nothing but love and good behavior, it seems unfathomable that it could be provoked into inflicting harm on another person or animal. However, even the most well-mannered dogs can be influenced to bite under certain circumstances such as the following:

  • When feeling threatened, stressed or startled
  • When in unfamiliar territory
  • When protecting a loved one or possession

When owning a dog, preparing for the worst-case scenario by purchasing dog liability insurance can save stress and money in the long run. Unexpected medical and legal fees associated with dog-related injuries have the potential to add up to more than the cost of an affordable plan, so being proactive and being prepared can be the wisest route to choose.

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Insurance Costs for Boat Owners

Like any other valuable piece of property, part of the cost of investing in a boat is purchasing a proper amount of insurance coverage. Owners researching their options often want to know up front about the boat insurance average cost of coverage, but the answer depends upon a variety of factors. Some of the decisions that will affect the total cost of coverage include:

  • Type of policy chosen
  • Deductible amount
  • Personal driving history on license
  • Claim history on boat insurance
  • Possible additional drivers
  • How the boat will be used

Ways to Reduce Costs

Additionally, boat owners can choose to take additional safety courses to gain a higher level of experience in boating. In some cases, proof of course completion will lower insurance premiums. If the owner purchases insurance through the same company as an existing policy, a multi-line discount could also be available. Another way to lower the coverage cost is installing additional recommended safety equipment on the boat.

When it comes to boat insurance, average cost of coverage is usually one of the first questions asked by an owner. Even though the answer is variable, there are several ways to lower insurance premiums and secure a good deal. Through just a little bit of extra research, a boat owner can enjoy a day on the water without the worry of protecting the investment.

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Seeking Specific Insurance Coverage? An MGA May be the Right Agent for You

If you own a small business, you know how important building relationships can be to your company. The same holds true when you are looking for insurance. You want to find a company that knows you, knows your particular needs, and has a vested interest in finding the right insurance match. Finding a workers’ comp MGA, or managing general agent, may be just the personal touch you are seeking.

Though an MGA does not have access to as many insurance carriers as a wholesale broker, they can excel in placing companies with specific risks, finding them just the right coverage at fair premiums. Many wholesale brokerages have their own MGAs in-house.

Reasons You May Want an MGA

You know your company is special, and you love it that way, but no mainstream insurance will do. A workers’ comp MGA often specializes in different workforce coverage areas and can help you find regionally or nationally recognized carriers that concentrate in insuring, for example, construction companies, or other businesses with specific coverage needs. There are other advantages to working with an MGA.

  • MGAs Can Underwrite. They have authority to provide binding quotes.
  • MGAs Have Expertise. Their specific industry knowledge can add significant value.
  • MGAs Have Experience. They work with all aspects of the insurance process.

Once you find the right workers’ comp MGA, you will see the benefit of having an expert on your side, and you can feel assured that your employees will have the coverage they need.


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