Does Your Business Require Unique Risk Management Options?

Not every business finds its best risk management strategy is led by a strong traditional insurance policy. Sometimes traditional insurance is part of the picture for a few risk areas, other times you need something to take on risk transfer without traditional insurance in the picture at all. Those unique risk management solutions need to be crafted to your business and balanced carefully, but they are out there.

  • Captive insurance companies
  • Bond alternatives where insurance expenses are inefficient
  • Specialty alternative risk transfer options built around your needs

What you want is a company built to provide these options, not a traditional insurance company. They are out there, but you have to start looking at insurance alternatives to find them, they do not usually pop up in a search for traditional coverage.

Finding the Right Risk Management Options

If you know traditional insurance has not offered you the coverage and cost efficiency your business needs for complete risk management, it’s worth talking to an alternative risk management specialist. Even if you do not opt to go further than a quote today, it will put options on your radar. That gives you something to think about as you review where your coverage is too costly and where it has gaps. With the right unique risk management package, you can eliminate both of those issues, so start planning today.

Risk Considerations for Landlords With Property Managers

As a commercial or residential property owner, you know that you have certain exposures or risks that can be managed by purchasing the appropriate insurance products. Property insurance is a must-have as a defense against losses or damages to your buildings due to fire, certain weather events, theft and more. General liability is recommended for injuries to third parties while on the premises. These are straightforward coverages, but what else do you need to consider, especially if you’ve hired a property manager or firm to see to the daily administration and oversight of your real estate assets?

Property Management Concerns

Property management disputes can be a major source of risk for you. Lawsuits and claims may arise from the following issues:

  • Unsafe building conditions
  • Improper evictions
  • Breaches of lease contract
  • Unresolved maintenance problems
  • Trespassing
  • Unethical rent collections

There are laws and regulations in place as well as a contract that dictate what landlords and property managers can and cannot do. Violations can be more than a nuisance. A lawsuit by a wronged tenant can cause irreparable harm to your business.

A Master Plan Just for You

Taking care of business isn’t just about collecting payments on time and making sure that what comes in is greater than what is spent. You also need to manage the risks to your business through securing the right insurance products. Cover your operations and your properties with a customized plan.

How Staffing Agencies Should Focus on Risk Management

Every industry is unique in the world of business. On an obvious level, all areas of business are dedicated to providing different services to consumers. However, there are other ways that these differences impact business. When it comes to taking out insurance that fits the specific demands of your field, you absolutely want to make sure you are taking your industry into consideration. Review these points to get a better idea of how you can get started with this important task.

Assess the Risks

As mentioned by the experts at, the best way to feel confident in your insurance plan is by taking a step back and looking at a few general points. Namely, you want to assess the risks related to your line of work. For staffing firms, this can be a bit more difficult than in other fields. The nature of the kind of business you conduct leaves a lot of room for questions when it comes to coverage. Before you make any final decisions, take time to be through. Focus on areas like:

Review the Basics

By staying familiar with the basics, you can accomplish a lot more with your insurance plan. Review the risks associated with staffing and see how you need to approach taking out a sensible package.