Commercial Dump Truck Insurance

Commercial trucks provide a variety of essential services throughout the country. They transport everything from dry goods to fuel to motor vehicles. One type that delivers more on a local level but is still critical to infrastructure is a dump truck. The standard version has the dump bed mounted on the same body as the cab, but there are also dump trailer versions that can be hauled with a separate truck-tractor. These are all considered a heavy-duty commercial vehicle and require specialized insurance.

Typical Dump Truck Policies

Dump truck coverage is a particular line of insurance geared towards these unique vehicles. General liability insurance is typically required in order to operate one of these trucks. This protects you in the event an accident causes bodily injury or damage to the property of others. This would be the bare minimum of coverage and would not cover you or your truck. This is why you should consider these additional options as well:

  • Physical damage – can be collision, comprehensive or both. These will cover the cost of damage or loss to your truck due to various circumstances.
  • Medical payments insurance – covers the cost of your medical bills if you are injured because of an accident.

If you drive or operate a dump truck then it is important to understand your insurance requirements and options. A knowledgeable agent will help cater a policy to your situation.