To protect your business from damage and accidents, you could invest in a Carmel business owner policy. A business owner policy, or BOP, provides insurance coverage for a number of different aspects of your business.

A BOP will generally include liability coverage. You can arrange for coverage that will meet your specific business needs to avoid being either underinsured or overinsured. You can also design the policy to include coverage that may be unique to your business due to the specific industry it’s in and niche that it serves. For example, you can include coverage for mobile property if that is part of your business.

A BOP also provides property insurance, including business interruption insurance. Physical property insurance provides coverage to the physical structures and their contents that are owned by the business. This includes any personal property of people who are inside the building at the time of the accident or damage. Business interruption insurance allows you to continue to make the type of ongoing payments that are necessary for a business to operate, such as rent or payroll.

While not generally included in a BOP, extra coverages such as worker’s compensation, professional liability and employment practices insurance may be added. A Carmel business owner policy can be a great way to insure your business.