Coverage for Construction Workers Suffering Injuries

Because the construction industry has a higher incidence of back injuries and muscle strains than most other occupations it’s imperative that employers have a workers compensation policy in Texas. While providing workers comp is optional in the state, it addresses the concerns of workers who may feel slighted if they’re tasked with duties where injuries are more likely to occur.

Lower back injuries have consistently accounted for about 25 percent of work-related injuries in the construction trades, this according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Painful sensations in the lower back and joints is a major factor, having forced many workers to retire from the construction trades seeking less demanding occupations.

Injury prevention programs

With about half of all lower back injuries attributed to lifting an excessive weight, roughly a quarter of accidents are the result of slips, trips, and falls. Workers, either lifting or carrying equipment and/or materials are often injured due to using improper techniques. This includes awkwardly twisting their bodies or trying to handle heavy loads without proper help. Many back injuries are attributed to constant wear and tear rather than the result of a single traumatic event.

In an attempt to reduce injuries on the job, employers have instituted safety and prevention programs in ergonomics. Generally, such programs should cover topics such as body posture, proper lifting techniques, exercises, and good housekeeping. For example, when unloading heavy objects, workers should lower the load first, which helps to maintain the natural curve of the back.

Whenever carrying heavy objects, workers need to keep the lower back in its normal arched position and use their leg muscles to lift. Maintaining a good grip on the item being carried is also important and they should keep the load close to the body. Make sure not to let the object they’re carrying obstruct their vision and should move their whole body in order to lessen the strain.

A regular exercise program can help to reduce the risk of lower back injury. A pre-work stretching program is also highly recommended. By warming up, workers prepare their bodies for the physical work that lies ahead and this greatly helps reduce the risk of injury. Still, because injuries are prevalent in this line of work, employers opting to purchase a workers compensation policy in Texas are serious about protecting the health of their staff.