Dangers of Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor

Maybe it’s a friend of a friend that needs work, or you’re just looking for a great deal on a home improvement project; no matter the reason, hiring an unlicensed contractor is never worth it. Here are three potential scenarios that could arise from working with one.

Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover You

Imagine something goes wrong with your project. Whether there’s a sewer line break or a wall falls and injures someone, your existing insurance won’t cover you. You’ll be paying potential fines and medical bills out of your own pocket.

You Won’t Be Able To Sell the House

When you try to sell your home you have to provide information and show all the permits for any additions or changes you’ve made to the property. If you can’t show that the work was done by a licensed contractor, it’s unlikely that you’ll find a buyer willing to take on the risk of the home. Not only that, you won’t find a realtor willing to represent you.

You May Have To Remove or Redo the Work

If your neighbor isn’t happy with the work you’re doing and decides to call it in, you could be held liable for fines and penalties. You’ll also either have to remove all the changes or you will have to hire a licensed contractor to submit the permits and redo all the work.

The risks of an unlicensed contractor far outweigh any benefits.