Driving a Tow Truck in Winter Weather

Driving a tow truck in treacherous conditions can be fraught with hazards. Drivers need to exercise excellent situational awareness.

Moderate Speeds

During a severe storm, all drivers need to operate their vehicles at a reduced speed. Slick roads can interfere with trucks’ braking ability.

Use Lights and Alarms to Be Conspicuous

A winter storm can be very loud, and tow truck drivers often need to take to the roads when it is dark. In addition to flashing lights that alert other drivers on the road to the presence of the tow truck when there is poor visibility, an audible alert may help to prevent collisions.

Be Aware of Pedestrians

Keeping an eye out for pedestrians is a fundamental part of tow truck winter safety. When sidewalks and walkways are covered by snow, pedestrians may be likely to walk in a roadway.

Pull Over Safely

Foul weather can lead to an increase in the number of tows to accident scenes. It is imperative that drivers pull over to disabled vehicles safely and exercise caution when walking near traffic.

Tow truck drivers often have to work long hours and have a lot of roadway to cover. Despite the stressful conditions, they must be continually vigilant about safety as they retrieve and transport vehicles.