Employee Liability Coverage

Workers compensation policies are constantly undergoing scrutiny, as state regulations continually change. The risks associated with each industry will vary, but state regulation ensures the basics are addressed concerning employee compensation and benefits in the event of an accident. Florida workers compensation law requires companies with four or more employees to offer full-time employees coverage under a compensation plan.

Although a company may do its best to establish an accident-free working environment, there are too many risks to comprehensively address each possibility. A vigilant company will take the responsibilities of protecting the employee and business seriously, establishing risk management and safety precautions. Other companies ignore the liabilities of their environment, exposing workers to conditions that could lead to slips and falls, toxin exposure, chemical burns or equipment injuries.

Given the requirements of Florida workers’ compensation laws, legal counsel is often sought after following an accident. Usually, a workers’ compensation policy will provide financial assistance to a company for legal fees. These do not extend to the employee, but as legal issues may arise, these ensure that a company is compliant with both OSHA and compensation regulations.

Although your business may be simply looking for coverage at affordable rates, be sure the compensation policy is effective at reducing and protecting employee safety concerns, but also in agreement with state or federal requirements.