Finding the Best Commercial Insurance Solution for Your Small Business

As a small business owner, you understand the importance of obtaining a comprehensive insurance policy to protect your assets and your employees. Large corporations need coverage for many issues that don’t apply to smaller businesses. Fortunately, there are commercial package options designed to help the small business owner purchase only the type of coverage they require.

Property Coverage

One of the key components to any commercial package policy is coverage of the business property. If your property sustains damage due to fire or many weather events it is essential to have adequate coverage. Many policies also include protection for machinery, office equipment and lost data. 

Liability Protection

General liability insurance protects your business against many types of claims, including injuries to clients and damage to a customer’s belongings on your property. Liability coverage also protects your company against issues such as copyright infringement by a competitor.

Employment practices liability insurance is also available to protect against lawsuits by employees.

Additional Considerations

Business interruption insurance can keep your company running after a weather event or fire. Professional liability insurance can protect against errors and omissions and malpractice.

Most states also require workers’ compensation insurance to protect your employees when injured on the job.

Purchasing a comprehensive commercial insurance package can help protect your business after devastating events.