Why Your Hospitality Business Needs Liquor Liability Insurance

Bars, pubs, and taverns don’t only bring people together, they also serve alcohol; alcohol that can lead to incidents and lawsuits. As the owner of one of these establishments, you know that a single incident could ruin your reputation or business. But do you also know that you can keep your bar liquor liability small with liquor liability insurance?

Alcohol and food-related claims and violent incidents are not new to the hospitality industry. What’s new though is the large number of lawsuits and huge amounts of money that are awarded to victims. Without proper insurance you might have to shut down your operations. See, your customers will usually always point their fingers at who they think is responsible for their tragedy; and that person is you. Car accidents related to alcohol that you served can lead to serious injury or death. A few days after having a good time at your bar, some of your customers might claim that they got sick from your food. Or, a few of your patrons could get into a fight and sustain extensive injuries. If your security personnel has to get involved to prevent further damage, your customers could turn around and sue you for what they might think was excessive force.

Unfortunately, liquor often times leads to problems and increases the bar liquor liability associated with being a business owner. Protect yourself from expensive claims with liquor liability insurance. Be sure to add general liability, assault and battery, products and completed operations and excess liability insurance to your portfolio. That way you’ve covered all-around.