How To Insure Difficult Business Classes

If you have insured clients looking for an alternative to traditional coverage, you may want to consider excess placement services. Excess placement services help you to find a perfect placement for your clients. For example, if he or she works in a niche industry, the service can help you align them with the right alternative coverage and policies.

Alternative Risk Solutions for Your Clients

There are several types of alternative risk solutions available to your clients. Some common plans include:

Many companies seek alternative risk solutions because they want more control over their insurance structure and flexibility in cost and deductible.

Solutions for All Industries

When seeking insurance for your clients, choose an agency with connections throughout the domestic and offshore markets. The broader the network, the more likely you are to find your clients adequate coverage for their niche business. Niche markets may include hair salons, piano tuners and dog groomers. In addition to uncommon markets, businesses with high risks, such as scaffolders may require alternative insurance options.

Working with an insurance agency that can help you provide your clients with niche options and alternative solutions is the best way to serve your clients’ businesses. Placement service agents can help you come up with solutions for difficult-to-place companies.