How to Plan a Water Well System for Your Home

Water is an important resource essential for life. Not every home is built near a municipal water supply making a well an attractive option. Beyond using a company with groundwater insurance, this plan can help you plan your system.


It is important to know where you plan to put your water well. If you have a septic system, you don’t want your water well within 50 feet of the tank or 200 feet of a cesspool. You want to keep it away from roadways and your property boundary. If there is a landfill nearby, you want to keep it away from there as well. This helps prevent contamination.


How much water do you need to have enough? You need to consider having enough for fire protection, everyday use, special uses such as animals and seasonal uses. Once you know what you plan to use the water for, you need to determine the size of the well, how much water you need standing in the bottom and the continuous flow rate of the water.


As referenced on, groundwater insurance plans provide coverage for a variety of contaminants, crimes, damage, and drilling. Choose a company that has insurance in case something doesn’t go well.

Water is vital and you need a plan that ensures you have enough for your home. A company with groundwater insurance offers protections should mistakes happen during the process.