How Your HOA Can Make a Difference

Living in a homeowners’ association (HOA) has its pros and cons, but a common goal can always strengthen a society, however small. Wrap up the next HOA meeting on a positive note by suggesting creative ways to improve your community. Extraordinary things can happen when communities band together.

Add Local Art

The ways to add art to your area are endless, but one classic and eye-catching way is to paint a mural. Do research on local laws ahead of time and check into US Risks Insurance to make sure your HOA is covered for this kind of thing. (US Risks Insurance also covers other kinds of events, so they’re a handy resource!) Have the HOA vote on a design and a place; once the city approves a proposed spot, make some magic happen! This can be done in many ways, but a couple of suggestions:

Commission a local artist to paint something unique to your city. Pay homage to its history, roots and local legends.

Let the children of the community have a hand in painting a mural. Really! Let a nearby elementary school add students’ handprints in different colors to the proposed spot. As the years pass and the city changes, those hands will always stay.

Take pride in the place you live in, and let local creativity shine. Let your HOA be part of making history in the colorful light of a new city mural.