How to Interview Candidates Without Getting Sued

Managers and executives make employment decision almost daily. However, each time you interview, hire or fire a person, you open yourself up to a lawsuit. If not done correctly, you can end up violating the law and putting your personal and business finances at risk.

Your Axis policy for management liability can help cover these damages. However, the best way to secure your financial future is to avoid these lawsuits altogether. Be sure to follow basic legal guidelines to avoid breaking employment laws.

Stay on Topic

Many legal issues can arise from the interview process. There are plenty of topics that are off-limits to employers, no matter how bad you want to know the information. If you want to be certain that you avoid those topics, stick to three topics in the interview: skills, availability, and attributes. You can also get a feel for whether a candidate will fit into your company culture.

Avoid Certain Questions

Do not ask about the interviewee’s family, religion, political affiliation, age, disabilities, debt, or intention to have children. Furthermore, you should never ask a candidate about his or her race or ethnicity. Finally, avoid asking about a person’s social drinking and smoking habits. Avoiding illegal topics can help you avoid making a claim in your Axis policy for management liability.