Personal and Business Insurance in New England

Comprehensive financial planning today includes finding insurance protection that satisfies your needs. Whether you’re looking for personal or business coverage, NorthStar Insurance can tailor policies that meet your specific requirements in any of these areas.

1. Personal

From covering losses due to property or liability claims to crafting specialized coverages, NorthStar can work with you to determine your asset protection needs. Homeowners, automobile and income protection insurance are among the products that NorthStar Insurance offers.

2. Business

NorthStar offers products in property, casualty and commercial insurance. Insurance solutions for the following categories are among the many coverage types available:

• Surety bonds
• Data breach/data privacy protection
• Workers compensation insurance

3. Employee Benefits

Matching the requirements of your company to the needs of your employees is a key factor in assembling benefit coverage intended to meet current and future conditions. NorthStar Insurance can advise both small businesses and large corporations in developing benefit plans and enhance their delivery with ongoing support.

4. Risk Management

While many providers focus on transferring business or personal risk through insurance alone, NorthStar can work with you to identify exposures before settling on strategy. Your situation may be addressed more appropriately through mitigating, financing or preventing risk altogether.

With a commitment to providing exceptional customer service and broadening industry expertise, NorthStar Insurance is dedicated to finding the best solution, terms and pricing for your specific needs.