How to Protect Your Medical Staffing Agency From Liability Claims

When you run a medical staffing agency, your clients run the risk of health issues and injury because of their job, which means you run the risk of being sued. You also need to take malpractice into consideration. To protect your agency from liability, talk to a medical staffing liability broker about the following policies.

Medical Professional Liability

Accidents happen and you should be prepared for the seriousness of a malpractice lawsuit. Whether it’s caused by unfamiliarity with new procedures or a patient is irate and claiming negligence for other reasons, you’re the one responsible because you hired that doctor or nurse. Be sure you have professional liability in place. It can be the monetary difference in keeping your agency in the business.

General Liability

Aside from malpractice, other court situations can occur. For example, if a client gets hurt at work or major property damage occurs, the hospital or medical practice may come looking for you to fix things. General liability also covers other issues such as theft, so ask your medical staffing liability broker about it.

Surety and Fidelity Bonds

To protect your agency, you may also need to put fidelity and surety bonds in place. These keep you from being sued if your client does something else dishonest in their hired practice. They’ll also pay for the facility’s losses caused by the said employee.

Your medical staffing agency can be liable for a variety of situations if you don’t have the right insurance. Talk to your broker today about getting the above policies.