Protect Your Company’s Interests with Vehicle Liability Coverage

A vehicle that is driven during the course of business is a potential target of a lawsuit should an accident occur. With juries awarding millions of dollars in liability damages each year, it is essential that companies protect themselves against potentially disastrous claims by investing in business automobile liability insurance.

What Constitutes a “Business Automobile?”

Any automobile utilized for business purposes is eligible for protection under a business automobile insurance policy. This coverage extends to the following vehicles when driven during the course of doing business: company-owned cars, company-leased cars, employee-owned cars, employee-leased cars and rental vehicles.
It is particularly important to extend coverage to individuals using their own vehicles for business purposes. In the event of a serious accident, it is possible that the individual may not carry enough liability insurance to completely protect the business.

What Does It Cover?

Most business automobile policies provide comprehensive coverage in four main areas:

  • Business Vehicle Damage: Damage to automobile caused by a collision or other type of incident
  • Business Automobile Liability: Injury or property damage caused by a vehicle accident
  • Medical Payments: Coverage for injuries suffered by passengers in a “no-fault “accident
  • Uninsured Driver: Coverage for injuries suffered by you or you passengers from a collision with an uninsured driver

Don’t risk your company’s financial security. Invest in a business automobile liability insurance policy today.