Simple Insurance Coverages For Your Business

Searching for insurance coverage can be a challenge for new business owners. Without the proper guidance, you can end up with too much or too little coverage. Working with an experienced Santa Fe insurance agent can ensure that your policy reflects your needs. In the meantime, here are three coverages that you should expect to include in your policy.

Property Insurance

Property insurance covers your property in case they become damaged or lost due to a fire, storm, theft or vandalism. Your policy will pay to repair or replace your covered items which can include your building, landscaping, equipment, furniture and electronic property.

General Liability Insurance

General liability is a broad coverage to protect you against claims of injury or property damage made by third parties. Your policy will cover any attorneys’ fees as well as other expenses for which you’re liable.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability provides coverage in cases where a third party claims that an error or negligence on your part led to them experiencing a loss. Businesses who require professional liability insurance range from professional service providers to manufacturers.

Having the right amount of insurance coverage can play a major role in your growth as a new business. Work with an experienced Santa Fe insurance agent to craft a policy that’s appropriate for you.