Why Single People Need Life Insurance

When most people ponder the benefits of forester life insurance, they see it as an essential product for family breadwinners to have. Of course, anyone who earns income to provide for a family should have life insurance. However, those are not the only people who should consider this type of coverage.

Even if you are single with no dependents, a life insurance policy can be a vital part of your financial future and the security of people who love.

Funeral Expenses

Just because you haven’t started your own family doesn’t mean there aren’t people who care about you. If you unexpectedly pass away, the people you love may be distraught, and a funeral can help them have closure. However, your loved ones may not have the cash to spend on such an occasion. Life insurance helps give them the chance to say “goodbye” properly.

Convert to Permanent

If you purchase a life insurance policy while you are young, you can get it cheaper than if you wait. When you have established a family, you can convert your policy to a permanent one. It is a great way to invest in your future.


Did you know that a forester life insurance policy can double as a retirement fund? It’s true. You can start putting money toward your eventual retirement while protecting those you love. Talk to your agent to get started.