Customize Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Your home is one of the most important and valuable assets that you own. It is therefore imperative to protect it with the right insurance. While some assume that all insurance is created equal, it simply is not the case. Just as each home is unique, so is each insurance package. It is therefore important, when shopping for home insurance in Connecticut, to customize and configure your package. Here are some basic things you should know about customization when discussing with your insurance company.

An important factor to consider is whether or not to add replacement coverage to your policy. In the event that your house needs to be rebuilt, this type of coverage will insure that you can have your house replaced as close as possible to the original. If you have a pool, a shed or any other unique assets, you should definitely consider adding special coverage to insure that those assets are protected. In addition, many home insurance companies offer the ability to insure your personal property. If you have valuable possessions such as art or jewelry it is probably a good idea to get it protected, however there are also plans that allow full replacement of all property without depreciation factored in. Be sure to discuss this and more with your insurance company.