Coverage for Life

NCSF Whole Life is permanent insurance with fixed premiums and fixed benefits. Unlike other policies, when the maturation date is reached, premiums stop and the policy becomes the property of the insured. Benefits can be designated for family members, funeral expenses, charitable contributions or whatever the insured wishes.

National Catholic Society of Foresters Coverage Options

NCSF offers a number of Whole life plans designed to meet the needs of every member. Choose from one of these four policies for lifetime coverage.

  • Single Premium Whole Life: Policy holders pay just one premium to receive lifetime coverage.
  • 10-Pay Whole Life: Policy holders pay premiums for 10 years and cash value keeps growing beyond the 10 year maturation date.
  • 20-Pay Whole Life: Policy holders pay premiums for 20 years and cash value increases beyond the 20 year maturation date.
  • Ordinary Whole Life: Common Whole Life plan offering fixed premiums and fixed benefits.

Another benefit of NCFS Whole Life policies is the guaranteed cash value. This money can be used to pay medical expenses, as a nest egg for retirement, to pay for college or in an emergency situation. With NCSF Whole Life insurance, policy holders can improve their quality of life and the quality of their families’ lives after they are gone.