How Staffing Agencies Should Focus on Risk Management

Every industry is unique in the world of business. On an obvious level, all areas of business are dedicated to providing different services to consumers. However, there are other ways that these differences impact business. When it comes to taking out insurance that fits the specific demands of your field, you absolutely want to make sure you are taking your industry into consideration. Review these points to get a better idea of how you can get started with this important task.

Assess the Risks

As mentioned by the experts at, the best way to feel confident in your insurance plan is by taking a step back and looking at a few general points. Namely, you want to assess the risks related to your line of work. For staffing firms, this can be a bit more difficult than in other fields. The nature of the kind of business you conduct leaves a lot of room for questions when it comes to coverage. Before you make any final decisions, take time to be through. Focus on areas like:

Review the Basics

By staying familiar with the basics, you can accomplish a lot more with your insurance plan. Review the risks associated with staffing and see how you need to approach taking out a sensible package.

3 Main Types of Utah Restaurant Insurance

Jell-O may be the official food of Utah, but there is a lot more involved in running a restaurant than just serving it. Besides great food, having restaurant insurance in Utah is key to being successful. Here are three of the main types and what each covers.

Commercial General Liability

One incident of food poisoning doesn’t have to cost you your business in medical bills and legal fees. General liability protects you when mishaps occur to customers. Not only does it cover damages, but it pays to protect your reputation in court.

Liquor Liability

Unless you do business in one of Utah’s nine dry cities, serving liquor is a smart business move. Because people drinking alcohol do not always act smart, however, having insurance to protect you from their actions is very important. A liquor liability policy even pays for personal injuries that occur after patrons have left your establishment.

Workers’ Compensation

Like most states, Utah state law requires restaurants to carry workers’ compensation. This coverage protects your employees in case they are injured at work. It also covers them if they are injured while driving a company vehicle.

There are other policies you might want to include, depending on your unique venue. However, the three above are must-haves for anyone in the restaurant industry.