The Common Construction Liabilities All Architects Should Be Aware Of

If you’re an architect by profession, it’s important to be aware of some of the most common liabilities you may face throughout the construction process. Although architects liability can vary widely by project and by client, there are a few frequent liabilities that may crop up, from contractual issues to structural defects and more. Here are the most pressing problems you should watch out for in your work.

Construction Defects and Failure To Fulfill Guaranteed Services

Construction-related issues or failure to meet key promises are two issues that can lead to liability problems for many architects. Whatever type of construction you’re working on, be sure to avoid:

  • Unfulfilled services
  • Failure to meet spoken or written guarantees, including guaranteed timelines to construction completion
  • Failure to vet lower-level subcontractors
  • Bodily injury or property damage on the worksite resulting from the architect’s professional negligence

Definitional Issues and Contractual Specificities

In some instances, contractual problems and unclear definitions can lead to legal problems. Always watch out for:

  • Vague wording in the construction contract
  • Disagreements relating to the definitions of key terms
  • Legal problems involving the contract signatories
  • Other contractual disputes

As a professional architect, understanding the extent of architects liability can help you prevent lawsuits and keep your clients satisfied. Throughout each project, make sure to fulfill all guaranteed services, avoid construction defects, clearly define terms, and establish a detailed contract.