The Myths of Transportation Liability Insurance

In the past, shippers used to rely on carriers to be liable for freight. Nowadays, contracts make it difficult to tell who is responsible in case of cargo injury, theft or property damage. It is crucial for you to know the myths that surround transportation liability and why you may need a transportation liability insurance program.

All Contracts Cover Everyone

Make sure that you know your contract inside and out. When it comes to insurance, the coverage will not cover every person or every circumstance. It is up to you to find out everything that you can about your coverage and have a full understanding before you commit.

The Shipper Should Be Restrictive on Carrier Methods

If you are a shipper, then you might think that it is better to control the situation and be more restrictive on the carrier methods. The truth is that the more strict you are, the more stringent the legal contract. The more aggressive you are, the more complex and detailed the contract is.

When it comes down to it, you need to know that no two insurance coverages are the same. If you need a transportation liability insurance program, remember to read the details thoroughly and try not to be too restrictive.