Three Signs Your Agency is Working for You

With Owens Group Insurance, you can hold them to the highest standard of operations and service knowing they are working for you. However, if you need assurance that insurance provider is truly working to protect your assets, there are several things you can do to perform your own quality check.

Check their availability. A customer-centric approach will keep your needs at the front of their daily activities, and this includes how quickly you can schedule a meeting. You should never feel that your account is less important than another, no matter how large or small the policy you carry.
Check their lines of products and services. If you have had your policy for some time, check on new carriers, products or services your agency offers. Keeping things current by following insurance trends is the mark of a company ready to meet the diverse needs of their client.

Check the staff. If you are continually seeing new faces in the local office or find your calls being returned by a different person each time, there might be something going on in the office. Employee loyalty is just as important as customer loyalty.

The decades-long service record of the family-owned Owens Group Insurance is a quality check that speaks volumes. You can address more specific concerns through this short checklist.