Three Tow Truck Insurance Coverages You Might Not Have But Need

Your tow truck business is based on being able to help people and offering reliable, honest service at all times. If you aren’t enrolled in a tow truck insurance program, however, you could end up letting down your customers as well as your own business. Having the right protection for each of your vehicles is essential to providing service and protecting both your customers and your business.

Typically, a towing company or garage has the most common coverages, but there are additional types of insurance you should consider to fully protect your business. Garage keepers’ liability protects customer vehicles when they are on your business property so that you aren’t liable for damages if something happens before the car or truck is returned to its owner. This includes any damage done by a third party such as a passing vehicle that hits your customer’s vehicle. On-hook towing coverage will protect you against claims from customers saying their vehicle was damaged while you towed it. Finally, insurance coverage for completed operations will protect you against third party claims that your tow truck did any damage once your business is completed.

While general liability coverage is a great start, a complete tow truck insurance program is crucial for protecting your business now and in the future.