Tips on Applying for Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

As you prepare your motor truck cargo insurance application, having plenty of information available is vital to obtaining the policy you need for your business. Circumstances vary, from drivers’ schedules to types of commodities handled, and fine-tuning your coverage is done best when you can provide the insurer with all the relevant information early on.

Consider Your Cargo

The cargo that your trucks handle regularly is one of the biggest factors for determining what your coverage plan will look like. From furniture to fresh produce, the cargo affects how your trucks and trailers will be outfitted, which in turn factors into projected operation costs and the need for coverage in case of, for instance, food spoiling.

Keep Tabs on Workers’ Performance

Workers’ compensation is an aspect to consider in your motor truck cargo insurance application. However, insurers want confidence that your drivers are capable; a history of accidents or moving violations suggests higher risks to manage, and this can make for more expensive coverage.

Be Honest About Losses

Handling losses entails both managing your loss history from prior terms as well as taking steps to ensure minimizing future losses. On your motor truck cargo insurance application, you should explain the policies you enact to ensure safety of commodities, equipment and workers alike. Responsible business owners present less risk and receive lower premiums.