Types of Engineering Liability Policies

Some types of engineering firms are more prone to lawsuits than others; however, the possibility of negligence claims exists whenever any type of engineer does work for the public. Here are some engineering liability insurance policies to protect your business.

General Liability

General liability provides the minimum coverage that all businesses should purchase. It protects from claims when members of the public suffer injuries on your property and covers small legal matters such as copyright infringement.

Professional Liability

Engineers who do not carry professional liability leave themselves vulnerable to claims of errors and breaches of contract. It covers human errors and pays settlements if a court finds you guilty of negligence.

Cyber Liability

If you are the victim of a ransomware attack or if your clients’ information is otherwise compromised, cyber liability insurance covers damages and legal fees. Once considered optional coverage, many feel that protection from cybercriminals is now necessary.

Commercial Umbrella

Investing in umbrella insurance is a way to make sure you always have enough coverage. It supplies funds in excess of what your other liability policies normally pay.

The more comprehensive your policy, the fewer claims will affect your business. Talk to your insurance agent about the costs and benefits of including each liability coverage in your package.