Understanding the USLH Act

Running a business in a niche industry means taking time to understand what makes for an acceptable insurance plan. If you run a maritime business, for example, you absolutely need to think about the additional steps you must take in order to insure your business to meet industry standards. This is especially the case when it comes to workers’ compensation options. Standard plans will not cover all of the risks of maritime employees, meaning business owners need to look into options like the United States Longshore & Harbor Act.

Know the Basics

The USL&H Jones Act is a type of insurance plan meant to fill the workers’ compensation gaps created in maritime businesses. Since standard plans don’t cover certain risks, USL&H helps to ensure your employees are always protected. What’s more, federal regulations dictate that certain businesses are required to have this additional coverage. The more you understand about the regulations, the easier it will be to make the final decisions for your business. Other areas to focus on can include:

  • D&O coverage
  • E&O policy options
  • PWC rental coverage

Learn More About Your Options

There are several areas to consider when it comes to insuring your maritime business. As long as you dedicate time to understanding USL&H options, you will be able to find the best possible policy to meet your needs.