Used Car Dealer Coverage Packages: What to Expect

As a used car dealer, you move a lot of vehicles every day. With transportation, there are always risks. Accidents can happen and they can damage your property or injure your employees. These are risks that you don’t want to ignore, in hopes that nothing ever happens. Meet these risks with used car dealer insurance, to guarantee that your assets are safe.

Types of Coverages

As with any form of insurance, used car dealers may sift through several different packages. The purpose is that no two dealers have the exact same needs. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of highlights that all used car dealers can benefit from, however.
In fact, here are some of those highlights:

  • Physical damage coverage
  • Garage liability coverage
  • Garagekeepers coverage
  • General liability coverage
  • Errors and omissions coverage

These, of course, are only a few of the different types of coverage you may qualified for.

Types of People Insured

When you have used car dealer insurance, you and your assets are not the only ones that are insured. Your employees are and your customers are too. There are a lot of people who engage with your vehicles and your business. Insuring everyone protects not only them, but you.

With the special struggles of used car salesmen, it’s important to have coverage that fits your business.