What to Expect from Covid Temporary Hiring

Navigating daily life in the time of a pandemic can feel pretty overwhelming, and nowhere has that proven to be more true than in the job market. With so many companies making a shift to remote work or even downsizing current employee numbers, it can feel a bit like wandering the landscape without a map. But staffing trends are pointing upward, with more and more people finding jobs each week.

Temporary Hiring on the Rise

While there has definitely been an increase in permanent positions after the peak of the pandemic, COVID temporary hiring has also grown. Some who would have never before considered taking a temporary position are now rethinking that perspective. And temporary hiring can often be the gateway to the establishment of new, permanent jobs.

If you’re job-hunting, you might not want to rule out temporary positions. This kind of work can be a great way to network and to make new colleagues and contacts in your chosen field. Additionally, there are so many temporary hiring positions available that your expanded job search will encompass a whole new range of possibilities.

Whether you’re looking for full- or part-time work, temporary positions just might be the answer to getting back on your feet and into the workspace.