What You Should Know About Insuring Your Property

You’ve put too much into your property to leave unnecessarily exposed to risks. The money spent on maintaining your landscaping, furniture and fixtures can all go to waste with one unfortunate event. That’s why carrying the right amount of insurance on your property cannot be overstated. If you’re in need of commercial property building insurance in Orlando, here’s what you should expect to include in your policy.

Commercial Property

Commercial property insurance covers your building, equipment, landscaping and furniture. Your policy will cover the cost to repair or replace any items that are lost or damaged due to reasons such as a natural disaster, fire, vandalism or theft. Depending on your policy, you may be eligible to receive payments to cover for revenue you may have missed out on because of the damages or inability to use your property.

General Liability

General liability insurance covers your property against lawsuits resulting from a third party experiencing a loss of some sort on your property. This includes losses related to bodily injury or their property being damaged. Your policy will cover any legal and medical payments related to the case.

Searching for the right commercial property building insurance in Orlando may be time-consuming but it’s well worth it. Work with an agent who understands your needs for help building your perfect policy.