What’s Covered Under Commercial Property General Liability Insurance?

It feels great to run a profitable business, especially when it’s operating smoothly. Things don’t always go as planned, and certain incidents can cost a pretty penny. For this reason, business owners flock toward commercial property general liability insurance. Here’s what general liability insurance offers.

What Is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Commercial general liability insurance is also known as business liability insurance and is a staple form of insurance for many businesses. It protects the business from legal claims for bodily injuries and property damage. Should an injured party file a claim or the property become damaged by your business, the insurance company can cover the upcoming expenses.

What Does Commercial Liability Insurance Cover?

General business liability insurance will typically cover medical expenses and attorney fees incurred from claims involving your business operations. Some insurance policies may also cover expenses for damages to the building itself. The amount disbursed for processed claims depends on the insurance policy in effect. Check with your insurance provider to ensure that you have enough protection for any incidents that you may be liable for covering.

Running a business entails taking on certain risks that can cost a fortune to handle. General liability insurance can protect your business in case of any unfortunate accidents.