Who Needs Insurance for Liquor Liability?

No matter what type of business you own, if you sell or serve alcoholic beverages or allow liquor to be served on your property, you could face some serious legal ramifications if injuries occur. Whether guests get into a fight while intoxicated and someone is hurt, or tipsy patrons damage someone’s property, you could be held liable. To protect your business from lawsuits involving drunk or disorderly guest’s actions, you should consider either host liquor liability insurance or liquor liability insurance.

Business Liability

Hundreds of billions of dollars in medical care and property damage settlements are related to alcohol cases each year. Some alcohol-related service industries need insurance protection, but any business that serves, distributes, or manufactures the products should purchase a liquor liability policy for protection that can include:

  • Business assets
  • Legal expenses
  • Settlement costs

Host Liability

For those business owners that allow alcohol to be served on their property by other individuals, host liquor liability insurance is the answer. Protection can include social gatherings when alcohol is supplied, but guests do not pay for it. Covered events can include:

  • Restaurants that allow patrons to bring in alcohol
  • Wedding event building owners
  • Tailgate stadium authorized events

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If you have questions about liquor liability insurance, call your agent today for a quote. The sooner you begin coverage, the less you will have to worry about it.