Why Nursing Homes Need Liability Insurance

Nursing homes have the extremely important job of caring for elderly individuals who have reached a point where they can no longer take care of themselves.  This responsibility is very serious and has to be handled with great care.

Why is Nursing Home Liability Insurance Necessary?

Unfortunately, nursing homes do occasionally fail to provide the necessary care for their residents and then become liable for the injuries or death that occur as a result.  This is why it is so important to have nursing home liability insurance if you want to properly protect yourself and your business.

What Kinds of Nursing Home Liability Insurance Are There?

Nursing home liability insurance coverage needs to be able to cover any financial damages that can occur in the event of a lawsuit.  This insurance is available in two ways.  The first is coverage that operates on a claims-made basis.  This coverage applies when legal claims are made against the nursing home, as long as the policy holder maintains continuous coverage.

The other option is coverage that applies on an occurrence basis.  This type of coverage picks up the costs of any injuries or damages that occur at any time, regardless of when claims are reported.

Running a nursing home is not always easy.  Purchase nursing home liability insurance today to save yourself a lot of trouble.