Why You Need Renters Insurance

It took a lot of time and money to accumulate your belongings. The last thing you want is for someone to come in and violate your living space, trashing it and taking your precious items with them. The various items in your rental house or apartment represent who you are. Don’t wait until something bad happens before investing in some renters insurance in Delaware.

Landlord Responsibilities

While you might think that your landlords insurance covers your belongings, it usually doesn’t. Their insurance typically covers common use areas and the building itself. So, they should have fire coverage for the building itself. But that doesn’t necessarily cover your bedding, video games, computers, furniture and other belongings you have within the home or apartment.

Insurance Coverage

Renters insurance protects your investment and can save you thousands of dollars. Types of coverage you should expect include:

  • Personal injury liability if someone is injured on the premises
  • Replacement of your personal property
  • Coverage for defense costs if sued
  • Personal property liability for damage to others property occurs on the premises

Without renters insurance in Delaware, you could be liable to replace all of your belongings yourself. The cost could run into thousands of dollars. Save yourself money, time and headaches by finding the right insurance now.