Why You Should Get Liability Insurance for Your Dog

When people think about bringing a dog into their family they are often excited about the prospects of having an adorable, loyal companion with which they can play, pet or simply spend time. However, with dog ownership comes plenty of financial responsibilities, and many them result from costly unforeseen circumstances, with dog bites making up a considerable percentage. This is why getting dog liability insurance is a wise investment that can help keep you covered in a variety of scenarios which you might not even consider.

Why Do Dogs Bite?

When a canine companion has shown nothing but love and good behavior, it seems unfathomable that it could be provoked into inflicting harm on another person or animal. However, even the most well-mannered dogs can be influenced to bite under certain circumstances such as the following:

  • When feeling threatened, stressed or startled
  • When in unfamiliar territory
  • When protecting a loved one or possession

When owning a dog, preparing for the worst-case scenario by purchasing dog liability insurance can save stress and money in the long run. Unexpected medical and legal fees associated with dog-related injuries have the potential to add up to more than the cost of an affordable plan, so being proactive and being prepared can be the wisest route to choose.